Nathalie Barreto

Nathalie Barreto


I am FEARLESS! When push comes to shove and our world spins out of control fear is the first thing that takes over our mind and bodies. I am fearless. I’ve learned to take life’s challenges one breath at a time, by reminding myself that I AM in control, and I affirm only the higher good of an outcome - by staying committed to my goals and having the inner confidence to not back down by life’s temporary obstacles.

I am a daughter/granddaughter, a friend, a girlfriend, and a business owner. For me, 2020 brought new meaning to the word resilience. As a new business owner, I had to look fear straight into the eye while having the self-assurance to say, “I will not waiver or back down, I will not break. I will find the way to make it through.”

For me starting a marketing agency, Lifestyles Journey was the culmination of my previous work experiences along with knowing I had a greater purpose. It was all the long nights working on corporate projects, 1-hour commute to and from, and many ugly tears knowing I was meant to do so much more, but just didn't know when or how. I named my agency Lifestyles Journey because any business we embark on is a journey, and we start our own business because there is a certain lifestyle, we all want to achieve.

We had several amazing months at the start of 2020, but unfortunately, our business just like the millions of other small business owners felt the deep devastation of COVID-19 and its intense effects on our industry and business. We lost everything. I felt as though it was my fault at first. I couldn’t shake off the repeated sleepless nights, the tears of joy from winning and those of losing, and the consistent hard work and diligence put in all seemed like it was for nothing. I would be lying if I said I did not feel scared or uncertain of where life was going to take me, but I never gave up on myself, and the inner flame I have (that we all have), that drives us no matter what to be a better version of our current self. After several days of grieving what could have been, I decided no more! I regrouped and started Blue Magnolia - A Charcuterie Company. The same fire, passion, and dedication I had placed on my marketing agency I gave to Blue Magnolia. Not for one second did I question the Universes' new direction, and here we are six-months later!

When you’re at your lowest point, remember just who exactly you are and always have a heart of gratitude, because, during the time of uncertainty, you’re being molded into the person you need to be to accomplish your next goal. It’s during your moments of deep despair that you find your hidden talents. Stay brave and always live boldly!