Nancy McConnell

Nancy McConnell

We are created by God with "Body, Mind and Spirit" and the obligation to preserve, protect, feed, and enjoy to the fullest.  My personal priorities are in the reverse order.


My Spirit:  I feed it with meditation, feeding on God's words into my mind, and from reading His Word and internalizing it into my daily plans and future plans.  This daily transformation keeps me growing toward my goal of having the mind of Christ.


My Mind:  Trash in, trash out!  Good friends, good music, good books, good TV, and good activities.  Any thought less than positive must not be a part of my mind.  The most important thing in my mind is to always be grateful.  Be generous.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  I care very much about the environment, and when I do something to preserve it, I feel good.  My family are my heritage, and caring for each of them make my mind better.  I have two grown children and three grandchildren.  My mother is 89, and sadly, not in good health.  My husband is the love of my life, married for 23 years.  My younger sister and brother with their families and grandchildren make up our family.  So grateful for all of them.


My Body:  Again, wholesome, good nutritious food; exercise 5 days a week, limited alcohol use; and caring for my skin and hair.  My physical features, (as well as Spirit and Mind,) are a gift from The Creator.  I am trusted with caring and preserving all as long as I am able.  Lovely, comfortable clothing on my body give confidence and make happiness exude.  Having the right appearance is important to me for my well being, not to impress anyone.  But, having the best body I can maintain underneath the clothing, is what makes it happen.


These are my goals.  I can only work toward them each day, aware of imperfections, but not dwelling on them.  Simple.  Not great writing, but who am I?  Just me.

I forgot to mention that sun and wind on my body restores all 3!  As well as getting my nails and toes done!