Maleena Pruitt

Maleena Pruitt

I am a model.  I hope to one day own an agency.  I would love the opportunity to scout and develop talent.  My vision would be that my talent would have beauty on the inside as well as the outside.  


I am a very social person.  I play the piano and write songs.  Chess, painting and being outdoors are my way to be creative and challenge my mind. 


I love saving my ten dollar bills because I have mad feelings for one of our founding fathers. Alexander Hamilton … He’s ambitious, courageous, and extremely handsome.  I’m so inspired that he went from orphan to the President of our amazing country.  He was a brave soldier and wrote most of the essays for our Constitution. 


What makes me “indigo” is giving.  Giving up anything to put others first.  I love to help others, console others, and make them laugh.  In my spare time I visit the cancer patients at Our Lady Of Perpetual Help and go to nursing homes.  

Some of the nursing home residents are so weak and alone.  I talk to them and play games with them.  I do anything  just to keep them from feeling alone and to feel more at home.  I let them know someone cares and that they are important . We all

are important.