Jeanette Priest Bell

Jeanette Priest Bell

I’m 42 and the mom of 2 daughters.  

Both are beautiful and smart, yet incredible athletes who spend lots of hours on the volleyball and basketball court.

I manage my time between my work in Pharmaceutical Sales and running to practices and games throughout the year.  My husband and I love to travel, and do so every chance we get.  Watercolor is definitely one of our favorite destinations.  The beach just provides a healing and restorative calm to this busy season of our lives.  While I enjoy being on the go and seeing parts of the world, my heart is most at peace at home with my family.  


Early mornings are my favorite part of the day, when I get to just reflect, meditate and plan for the upcoming events of the day (with good coffee of course!) I don’t always have everything together, but I aim to keep life’s priorities in check. I figure when we die no one will be talking about whether our dishwasher was always unloaded or the laundry was always put away.


I’m a breast cancer survivor (not something I thought I’d have on my resume at this point in my life), and I strive to help others who become faced with this terrifying diagnosis under age 40.  More than anything, I want my daughters to see a strong, intelligent, thoughtful woman who loves, laughs, and lives for those beautiful 30A sunsets!